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jb Looking for Distributor of JSX Audio Capacitors

JSX series is superior Metallized polypropylene film capacitors, used in high end audio equipments, such as 
Loud speakers, amplifers, crossovers  etc...
Compared with Mundorf, Audin cap, Jantzen Audio, Auricap, Solen, ERSE etc..many brands of audio 
capacitors, our prices are much more better, MOQ is is flexible.

Our JSX series sound effect is very good, compared with our JFX series, the inductance and disspation factor 
are  much more lower,  it is white color with golden letter, very nice.
And it is silver-plated copper leads. 

Are you interested in to be our distributor of this JSX series audio capacitors? we can support you very 
competitive prices, flexible quantity and short delivery time. 
Most important, we produce very wide capacitance and meet many customers' needs.  From 1000pF to 400uF, can you send your RFQs for quote? Very appreciated your inquiry.

For more products information please check:http://www.jbcapacitors.com/Plastic-Film-Capacitors/JSX-Superior-Metallized-Polypropylene-Film-Capacitors-Axial.html

jb Tells You What are Electrolytic Capacitors

An electrolytic capacitor is a type of capacitor that uses an electrolyte to achieve a larger capacitance than 
other capacitor types. An electrolyte is a liquid or gel containing a high concentration of ions.
Almost all electrolytic capacitors are polarized, which means that the voltage on the positive terminal must 
always be greater than the voltage on the negative terminal. 
The benefit of large capacitance in electrolytic capacitors comes with several drawbacks as well. 
Among these drawbacks are large leakage currents, value tolerances, equivalent series resistance and a 
limited lifetime. 

Electrolytic capacitors can be either wet-electrolyte or solid polymer. They are commonly made of tantalum 
or aluminum, although other materials may be used. 
Super capacitors are a special subtype of electrolytic capacitors, also called double-layer electrolytic 
capacitors, with capacitances of hundreds and thousands of farads.  
This article will be based on aluminum electrolytic capacitors. These have a typical capacitance between 1µF 
to 47mF and an operating voltage of up to a few hundred volts DC. 

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are found in many applications such as power supplies, computer 
motherboards and many domestic appliances. 
Since they are polarized, they may be used only in DC circuits.

For more products information please check: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/Aluminum-Electrolytic-Capacitors/

jb CL21 Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor JFB Ammo Packing

jb Capacitors produce Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor since 1980. 
Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor is one of the most common series of film capacitors.
We sell high quality with very competitive prices in the market.  
Capacitance Range: 0.01 ~ 6.8μF
Rated Voltage: 100V(2A), 250V(2E), 400V(2G), 630V(2J)
Capacitance Tolerance: ±5%(J), ±10%(K), ±20% (M)
Pitch Size: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 22.5mm, 27.5mm
Common Values: 225, 334, 474, 105, 155, 683, 106, 226
Packing: Ammo or Bulk, on customer request
These products are widely used in the circuit of color TV, program-controlled switches, computers, telephones, fax machines and equipment, instruments for  direct-current ripple, pulse, and AC low-voltage functions.

jb Power Meter Capacitor - JFYE Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

jb developed JFYE MKP film capacitors specially for power meter after long-term and carefully research and 
We have special design for the raw material and technical side, which could make sure the safety and 
availability for your power meter.

As you might know, for power meter, the very important character are Humidity, Lifetime, Dissipation 
Factor etc., our JFYE have perfect performance in these aspect.
Congratulations to our jb engineering team bring to us this fruitful result, and help the power meter customers 
jump up from the capacitance loss problem of other capacitors brand.

JFYE PDF Specification: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFYE-Box-Type-Met-Polypropylene-Film-Capacitor-For-Power-Meter.pdf

jb What Are Typical Run Capacitor Ratings?

Most run capacitor applications use a rating of 1.0-100 uf (microfarads) capacitance and voltages of 370 or 
450 VAC. 
The most common CBB65 Motor Run Capacitors' capacitance are 30uF, 35uF, 40uF, 45uF, 50uF, 55uF, 60uF, 65uF.
They are also usually always 50 and 60 Hz rated. 
Case designs are round or oval, most commonly using either a steel or aluminum shell and cap. 
Terminations are usually ¼" push on terminals with 2-4 terminals per connection post. 
jb Motor Run Capacitors with reliable quality and superior price. If you need, you can try our samples.
We are look forward to your enquiry.

jb Strong Series Axial MKT & MKP Film Capacitors

Are you looking for Axial type MKT or MKP film capacitors? 
jb capacitors company produce high quality with competitive price, short lead time with flexible MOQ, Please 
check below our  Axial MKT & MKP Film capacitors, if you are interested in? 
We have 4 types, JFGA~JFGD, axial leaded, cycloidal, flat shape, and we also have high end audio capacitors JFX & JSX series, MKP Axial lead. 
Widely used in instruments and the DC& AC circuit of the household equipment and the fractional 
frequency circuit of acoustics systems. 
Highend Audio equipments, Crossovers, loudspeaker, amplifiers etc..
Please check below our cross guide, compared with below mentioned brands, we offer much more competitive prices, and most important, very flexible quantity and reliable quality. :) 
JFGA- Axial MKT film capacitor, cycloidal type    Cross to Arcotronics(Kemet) MKT A50, Wima: MKB 6, Vishay: MKT 1813, Epcos: B 32231-2, Iskra: KEU 1012, ICEL: MTR, MWR
JFGC- Axial MKP film capacitors, cycloidal shape     Cross to  Arcotronics(Kemet) : MKP A70, Vishay: MKP 1839, Epcos: B32669, ICEL: MPW
JFGD- Axial MKP film capacitors, Flat Shape   Cross to Arcotronics(kemet): KP A72  , Vishay: MKP 
1845  ICEL: MPF
JFX&JSX--premium & Superior MKP film capacitors, axial type, high end audio capacitors--Cross to Mundorf, Jantzen Audio, Auricap, SOLEN, SCR , ERSE 

Waiting for your contact for more details! 

jb Best Motor Running Capacitors JFS Series UL Approval

jb Produce capacitors under our own brand "jb" for 35 years. 
we do share very good reputation on EU market like Germany, Poland, Romania, UK, France etc.
Our brand also was approved by ABB, Philips, Linak, Bosch...
In Jan, 2014, we introduced more equipments for Motor Capacitors and get UL approval certification. 
Below is the product description:

CBB60 Plastics Case Motor Running Capacitors


2 Pins and flat bottom Type


Cable and flat bottom Type


4 Pins and flat bottomType


4 Pins and M8 screw Type


2 Pins and flat bottomType


2 Pins and M8 screw Type


Cable and M8 screw Type


Double Wires and M8 screw Type


Double Wires and flat bottomType


4 Pins and flat bottom (Yellow Resin) Type


4 Pins and V bottom (Yellow Resin) Type


Cable and V bottom (Yellow Resin) Type

CBB65 Aluminum Case Motor Running Capacitors


2+2 terminal and flat bottom Type


2+4 terminal and flat bottom Type


4+4 terminal and flat bottom Type


4+4+4 terminal and flat bottom Type (Dual Type)


2+3+4 terminal and flat bottom Type (Dual Type)


jb Stock Offer for Mylar Polyester Film Capacitors--JFA(CL11)

We have 18kpcs stock offer for below mylar polyester film capacitor. Are you interested in? 
Please contact our Sales for details prices, contact at : info@jbcapacitors.com , thanks.
4700pF 100V +/-5% P:5mm Ammo RoHS  18,000pcs



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